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We design, manufacture and sell NMEA devices.
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NMEA0183 Wi-Fi Gateway

NMEA0183 WiFi Gateway

This device sends and receives NMEA0183 data over Wi-Fi. It is great if you want to use an app on your hone or tablet, and connect it to your navigation instruments, AIS or autopilot. You can also use a pair of them to create a wireless NMEA0183 data link, for example if you can’t run a wire through to make a physical connection.

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SmartLog NMEA0183 USB Logger

Smartlog NMEA0183 USB Logger

A simple to use data logger that takes as input one or two NMEA0183 feeds, and writes all the data to a standard USB memory stick. No configuration required, you just connect it up and data is logged automatically. Originally developed for use in crowd-sourced bathymetry, it is used in many other application areas.

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