Apps and Software

Compatible Apps and Software

Of course this device is useless on its own, and is just an enabler to let you use the apps you want. So what is out there for you to choose from? Here are some of our favourite apps, though there are lots of others out there. The device will work with any app or software that supports NMEA0183 data over a network, using TCP or UDP. Often this is also described as NMEA over a network or over Wi-Fi.


Expedition has become the standard race tool for sailors, giving all that is needed for navigation and performance data.

GPS Nautical Charts     

A popular general purpose chart plotter.


A very popular full feature chart plotter with GRIB weather overlays. We have negotiated a special price with them, to help get you started with our NMEA to Wi-Fi device.



A good tool for racing and performance sailors, that can also log data for TeamSurv.

MID Wi-Fi 

A repeat display for instrument data that can also use OpenSeaMap charts or satellite images. It can also display AIS data, edit routes and control the autopilot.

NMEA Remote 

A very attractive repeat display for instrument data, with options for sailing polars and for integrating with Expedition.

NV Charts     

A good general purpose chart plotter with AIS that uses NV's chart portfolio.


A high quality open source chart plotter with a good user community and wide range of plug-ins. Not available for iPhone/iPad.

Rosepoint Coastal Explorer  

A powerful, full featured chart plotter for Windows.


A tool for racing sailors that gives instrument data, laylines, polars, start lines and more.


A well established range of chart plotters for cruising and club level racing.


An app for repeating all your instrument data as numbers and graphics, and also for logging and displaying TeamSurv's depth data. Currently in beta, but free to those contributing logged data to TeamSurv.


Ventus' apps work with Expedition to bring it onto your phone or tablet.