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Configuring the NMEA Gateway for Wi-Fi In, Wi-Fi Out
Although we designed our NMEA Wi-Fi Gateway on the basis that it would be linking a wired NMEA0183 connection to a wireless one, we had a customer ask if it can be used so that data is both received and transmitted over Wi-Fi, without a physical NMEA connection.

Here's how it is done: First, create a loopback connection between the NMEA In and NMEA Out ports, so any data received over Wi-Fi is fed back as input into the Gateway. Next, configure the device so that it receives data from the source over TCP, so there is a 1:1 connection with the transmitter  of the Wi-Fi data. Finally, enable UDP to retransmit all of the data, so it can be received by any device listening in.

Job done!
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