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Shipping options

We offer a variety of options for shipping, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

We always ship with some form of tracking or signature on delivery, as that means that you can see how your delivery is progressing, and also on those rare occasions when something goes wrong it is generally much easier to resolve. Details vary a bit depending on which country the order is being sent to, but when we ship your order you get an email with the package reference number and a link to the tracking page.

Because or packages are small and light, for most people using Royal Mail is the best option, being low cost, reliable and quick. However it isn't suited for everyone, as there are some locations it cannot send to, or where the postal service is unreliable or slow (e.g. South Africa currently has delays of about 5 weeks, due to an upgrade of their postal service that went wrong). 

We initially also offered Parcelforce for heavier orders, and it also delivers to some countries not covered by the normal Air Mail post. However we have had too many problems with them, the latest being an order bound for South Korea that didn't get beyond the local Parcelforce depot before they managed to lose it. As a result of these poor experiences, we've changed over to using DHL, who are similar in price but should give the level of service that both we and our customers expect, as well as generally offering quicker shipping times. However everything is always a trade-off: because we are not very close to one of their depots it is too far for us to drop shipments in to them, and they generally don't collect from us until the day after we receive your order, so this adds a bit of a delay. Also, in most countries they have a range of "remote areas" that cost a bit more and take a bit longer to deliver to - our shipping page gives a link to the DHL document defining these for each country, and when checking out a purchase you can choose the standard or remote area rate for your country.

You can also always come and collect your order if you are in the vicinity (though please call to check somebody will be in before you come here), or arrange for your own carrier to collect from us.

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