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Thoughts on our NMEA devices and software, NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 protocols, and related matters.

Shipping and Pricing

A bit of advance warning about forthcoming price changes.

As with all electronics manufacture, to keep costs down we manufacture the boards and enclosures in bulk a couple of times a year, and we will do the next run around February next year. Most of our components are priced in US$ and, with the fall in the pound due to Brexit, it looks like we will have to increase prices slightly when we start selling from that run to offset the increased cost of materials. This will mostly affect UK customers, as for other countries the increased retail price will be offset by the better exchange rate.

Customers choosing DHL for delivery should also be aware that they are increasing their prices by almost 5% from January, on top of the month to month variation from their fuel surcharge rate. As we charge shipping at cost, this means that DHL rates will increase by 5% from the new year. However postal rates are fixed till around the end of March, when they may also adjust their prices.

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