Become an Affiliate

How the Affiliate Scheme Works

Put simply, you put a link from your web site to ours. If somebody clicks on the link to come to our page, and buys from us within 30 days, you get a commission on that sale. From our affiliates page you can see reports on traffic and sales, and create an invoice for commission that we pay against. Alternatively, if you want to offer our products directly to your customers (and make a higher level of commission), you may want to apply to be a reseller.

You don't need any great tecchie skills to be an affiliate. Once signed up, you get a login to the affiliates page, where you can manage everything. You can select our adverts as text or graphics in a number of sizes, or have a link you can use with your material on your web site. Once set up, you can see your traffic and sales. You can claim commission at any point from 60 days after sales (to allow time for any customer returns), with the invoice being created through the web site.

To get started, please fill in the form below so we can assess your suitability. Having an outline of related products you sell, and your online sales activities, will help us see how good a fit we are. In the form, the State only needs to be selected if you are in the USA. As you will be invoicing us for your commission, you need to enter details of any taxes that you need to charge us. We are VAT registered in the UK (VAT No. GB176943073), so if you are VAT registered in another EU state you would not normally charge us VAT, but we will need your VAT number.

Many thanks for your application. We will get back to you shortly.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions please contact