Converts NMEA and Seatalk data to CSV

This utility takes in logged NMEA0183 and Seatalk data, and decodes it into a CSV file, which you can then easily import into a spreadsheet, database or other application. The NMEA data can be logged with any tool, but the Seatalk data must be encapsulated into NMEA sentences as per our format. Supported NMEA sentences are: BOD, DPT, GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, HDG, HDT, MTW, MWD, MWV, RMB, RMC, ROT, RTE, VHW, VLW, VTG, VWR, VWT, XDR and ZDA. Seatalk datagrams that can be decoded are: 00 02, 23, 27 01, 53, 54, 56, 57, 58, 84, 89 and 99 00. If you need any other sentences to be decoded please ask, and we will add them in when we have a moment. To use the program, just select the input file, set the output path and file name, and click on Process.

To install, click on the Download button and unzip the file. It contains the program installer and also the documentation. Only a Windows version is available.

NMEA to CSV program screenshot