SmartLog NMEA0183 USB Logger

Easy logging of your instrument data into your apps

Smartlog NMEA0183 USB Data Logger

Log data from one or two NMEA0183 sources or (optionally) Raymarine Seatalk 1 onto a USB memory stick.


The device receives NMEA0183 data, the industry standard for many years, and still output by most newer instruments that use NMEA2000. The NMEA port operates at 4800bps, is fully opto-isolated , and will tolerate inadvertent connections to the boat’s power supply.


With the optional Seatalk adapter, one of the NMEA ports can be converted to support Raymarine’s Seatalk (sometimes referred to as Seatalk 1). The Seatalk data packets are encapsulated in a proprietary NMEA sentence rather than being converted to NMEA0183 in the device, so all Seatalk data packets are supported.

2 Channels

The logger has 2 input channels, e.g. a GPS for position and time data in conjunction with a depth sounder or wind instruments. Data from the two channels is merged into a single output file, with no changes or additions to the incoming data.


Data is logged to a standard USB memory stick (formatted as FAT or FAT32). 1MB of storage can hold about 35 500 NMEA sentences, or 45 minutes of data, depending on the output of the instruments.


Designed for boats in mind, it will run off a 12V or 24V DC supply, and tolerate voltages from 9 to 30V. Power consumpotion is approx. 0.11A @ 12V DC, depending on your USB memory stick. It has reverse polarity protection, and an internal self-resetting fuse.

Ease of Use

Just plug in and go. It is ready to log data as soon as it is powered up, and all incoming data is automatically logged to a USB memory stick. No configuration required, and no need to download data or mess around with data cards.


Compatability Fully NMEA0183 and RS422 compatible
Ports 2 input
Speed 4800bps
Sentence validation
Starting $, ending <CR><LF>, message length, checksum (if present), timeout, valid characters
Galvanic isolation 2500V
Listener current < 2mA per port
Protection Short circuit and over voltage limit to 50V
Seatalk (option)
Compatability Raymarine Seatalk 1
Functionality Converts the Seatalk signal to RS422 levels at 4800bps.
Data format
Seatalk data packets are encapsulated into proprietary NMEA sentences.
Connection Screws into the data logger terminal block, replacng one of the NMEA0183 inputs.
Dimensions Increases the logger length to 137mm / 5.5″ excluding memory stick
Weight 18g / 0.6oz



USB Versions
1.0 and later
Connector Type A Receptacle
Supported devices
Directly connected mass storage device
File system
FAT or FAT32
File format
Incoming messages are merged into a single file, with the NMEA data exactly as received. A new file is created whenever logging is started. File names are of the format nnnnnnnn.TSV, where nnnnnnnn is an increasing number.
Voltage 9 – 30V DC
Current Approx. 0.11A @ 12V DC, depending on your USB memory stick.
Protection Reverse polarity and short circuit protection. Internal self-resetting fuse.


Size 110 x 58 x 28mm / 4.4” x 2.3” x 1.1”

87g / 3oz.

Material Black ABS enclosure; stainless steel fastenings
Protection IP40
Operating temperature 0 – 60° C / 32 – 140° F
Power / data terminals Screw clamps for 0.32-3.3mm2 /22-12AWG wires
Mounting 4x M3.5 – M4.5 / #6 – 9 Csk screws (not supplied)
Warranty 1 year return to base
User Interface
Power LED
Power good / low voltage
NMEA Ch1, Ch2 LEDs
Good / bad message received
USB OK / USB write / USB error code
Push switch
Start / stop logging data